Becoming more than a survivor

Dairy farmers are about to enter a period of considerable challenge and uncertainty which will impact significantly on their businesses. Promar Managing Director, believes farmer attitudes are key to future success.

The convergence of Brexit, increased global volatility in many prices and political pressures domestically means dairy farming is in for an interesting time. Where there are challenges for some, there will be opportunities for others. Where you sit depends on many things, but ultimately upon your attitude to managing your business.

The diagram below categorises farmers based on a number of key attributes and attitudes to managing their business. Survivors have a hands on approach and a day to day focus, while the leader is focused on innovation, leadership and taking a longer term perspective. Take a few minutes to look at the diagram and decide where you and your business sit.

To face the numerous challenges including price volatility, labour supply, environment developments, the evolving supply chain, political pressures and the data and technology revolution, we believe successful farm businesses will increasingly be managed by managers and leaders rather than survivors and doers.

Successful businesses will embrace data and benchmarking, making full use of all the data they can get hold of to help make better decisions based on the resources they have available. They will understand costs of production and how they can be influenced positively. They will know the profit requirement of the farm. They will seek advice from a range of sources and will increasingly get closer to their supply chain to drive efficiencies and create opportunities. Finally, they will look to build a strong and highly skilled team around them.

Our consultants have considerable experience in helping customers evolve their skills and attributes to move into the manager and leader categories, building more resilient businesses. Often this is by incremental changes to how key parts of the business are managed.

We would be happy to discuss how we can support you as you develop your business to grasp the opportunities ahead.