By Neil Adams

Well, like any event that takes months to plan, DairyTech 2022 came and went in the blink of an eye. But what were the major take-homes from this year’s event?

Clouds everywhere

Clouds didn’t just hold sway over the event’s weather, they dominated the new technology on offer. From A.I. video analytics systems that detect cattle lameness to data-driven field and crop detection systems, the farming industry has well and truly crossed over to the new reality, where internet-based I.T. is integral to our working lives.

The Cloud is enabling faster working, more up-to-date information, and smarter decision making. It will work to our advantage – embrace it. 

Promar’s head is in the Cloud too

On the Promar stand we were delighted to introduce hundreds of people to our Cloud-based financial management tool, Agstute.

Agstute gives an entire farming team access to their business’s farm financial information at any time and in any place. It combines accounting, reporting, planning, benchmarking and forecasting elements into one easy-to-use package.

With the ability to view accurate data in an instant, everyone can work together to make well-informed decisions based on up-to-date data.

Did we miss you?

Maybe you didn’t get the chance to come and see Agstute at DairyTech 2022, in which case here’s this quick video explainer. Alternatively, why not contact Steph Weldon on 0845 2001126 and we’ll show you how Agstute works and how it will benefit your business. There’s also a brochure to download.

There’s nothing like face-to-face contact

Above all, DairyTech 2022 reminded us how great it is to be face-to-face with customers, contacts and colleagues and to feel the energy of real people.

The internet, with Zoom, Teams and whatnot, has given us excellent opportunities for real-time collaboration over the last two years or so, but to talk and present in-person has been an absolute pleasure. Maybe we’ll see you at RABDF’s Down To Earth, in June?