Farming Resilience Fund

Cows in a field in the UK, in summer

Access fully funded consultancy with Promar through the Farming Resilience Fund.

We offer one-to-one meetings, to help you identify how to future-proof your business, and ensure your farm thrives in a world without BPS.

We will support you all along the journey, with visits, follow ups and re-appraisals, to ensure that your business stays on track for the outcomes you desire.

The fully funded services we offer

  • Farm Payments Review

    Our consultants will bring you up to date on all available and upcoming farm payments, and discuss their suitability to your business.

    They’ll show you how your BPS payments will reduce. They will also demonstrate the rates you will be eligible for, to help you plan your farm’s finances.

  • Nutrient Management Planning and Slurry Storage

    Maximising the use of on-farm nutrients from slurry and manure is key to reducing the costs of bought in fertilisers.

    Our qualified consultants will provide you with a thorough nutrient management plan for your farm, helping you to improve yield whilst minimising purchased inputs.

  • Herd Performance Review and Planning

    Our specialists will carry out diagnostic checks on your herd, and provide recommendations to help improve health and productivity.

    Analyses can focus on mastitis, body or mobility scoring, or any area of performance that you are keen to improve.

  • Financial Accounts Review

    Our experienced consultants will spend time with you reviewing and benchmarking your farm accounts. They will identify short- and long-term changes you can make to improve your farm’s finances. They can also conduct trend analyses and partial budgeting.

    All reviews are bespoke to your farm, and recommendations will be tailored to your business aims.


  • Carbon foot printing and assessment

    Our sustainability team will work with your farm data to produce a comprehensive carbon-footprint score for your business, and make recommendations on how to improve it, from quick wins to long-term investments.

    All plans are focussed on increasing your productivity and sustainability as you reduce your footprint.

  • Business Resilience Review

    Our consultants will work with you to review the internal and external risks that are affecting you business. They will identify key actions that can be implemented, both over the short and long term, to help protect your business for the future.

    Examples of this kind of analysis include workforce, succession, feed inputs, and opportunities for farm payments.

Case study

We helped George and Laura Allen, who farm 150 pedigree Holsteins at Abbey Farm, Shropshire, to assess and futureproof their business as part of the Farming Resilience Fund.

We delivered a bespoke evaluation of their farm business, in order to identify the areas that need to be strengthened for future robustness and adaptability.

Read the Allen’s story

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