Our Specialists

Since I joined Promar International in 2002, I have been part of many successful projects such as the Dairy Management Academy, cost of production models and producing FBA annual results. During my time here, I have managed several teams and have carried out numerous farm appraisals including SWOT analysis. I have worked on projects with […]

Matt Sheehan

Principal Consultant and TSDG Programme Director

Having worked in the agri food supply chain since 1975 I have a repertoire of knowledge based on experience in numerous leading agricultural companies. I believe that food and farming is a meaningful and important sector that thrives to achieve change whilst being effective and efficient; delivering results and adding value to our customers businesses. […]

I am a Research and Data Analyst for Promar International and I joined the company in March 2017. I’m originally from a mixed livestock farming background in Devon (dairy, beef, sheep and pigs) and I also have more than 20 years of experience in the practical and financial aspects of managing an agricultural business. Since joining Promar I have […]

Gaining this role was a natural progression for me after previously working within the finance department in Genus along-side my AAT Accounting studies. My previous position taught me the strong company values and gave me the fundamental knowledge in agriculture. After leaving university with a degree in Business Management and previously co-managing two very successful […]

I was born and educated in Germany and graduated from Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen with a degree in Agricultural Economics. Having a strong background in agriculture and food has helped me to assess new product ideas and markets for Innovate UK and other international clients. In my current role as Director of Research, I deliver high quality […]

For corporate clients I analyse data to allow customers to decide on future business strategy, based on insights into the analysis of their suppliers’ performance, using Promar’s Farm Business Accounts software. My main role is the aggregation of suppliers’ data to assess financial costs, determining overall costs of production and collating data. This then provides […]