Our Specialists

I am old enough and wise enough to remember that businesses, have to make a profit as well as feed people, care for the birds and the bees and ensure the planet will sustain future generations. A tall order but one which is endlessly fascinating and never dull.

I am a specialist in ruminant nutrition with my focus being on the practical application of science in dairy. Previously I was the head of the technical department responsible for product development and staff training in ruminant nutrition for a major UK feed manufacturer. Prior to the above roles I obtained a degree in Agriculture […]

I joined Promar in November 2019 as an Agricultural Consultant, primarily covering South Wales and the borders. I graduated from the Royal Agricultural University in 2015 with a Bsc (hons) in Agriculture specialising in Livestock Production. Then going on to complete a Masters Degree at IBERS in Livestock Science. My following careers included working for […]

My variety of accounting experience allows me to solve tasks with ease, this hand in hand with my agricultural background enables me to be a successful Farm Business Analyst. I communicate effectively with my clients and I am a competent team member. I understand how difficult running a business can be allowing me to respond […]

I am from Wiltshire and have been a dedicated parlour consultant since 1988.

I am from Wiltshire and studied at the Warwickshire College of Agriculture. Previously I owned 250,000 broilers and a stud farm where I enjoyed breeding and showing ponies. I am often recommended throughout the farming communities for my accounting knowledge.