Anna Clifford

Senior Environmental Consultant


  • • Ecosystem Assessments
  • • On Farm Advice
  • • Carbon Accounting
  • • Environmental Legislation

I started my career as an environmental professional in the development sector, working on major highways, infrastructure and energy projects. 

Since joining the team in 2018 I have worked with clients in the utilities sector and across the supply chain, leading and delivering projects around water quality and ecosystem management.

As well as advising water companies on strategy and investment support, I help individual farmers manage their environment, and ensure their businesses comply with legislation.

I also work with the dairy processing supply chain to assess businesses and identify ways they can better manage their resources and minimise waste. Environmental regulation is an increasing priority for many of my clients.

Away from work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, eating good food and walking, running and cycling.

“Climate change is by far the biggest environmental challenge of the future. People are starting to recognise that our climate is changing, and we are failing to meet our responsibilities, but change feels slow.”
“Supermarkets need to listen to their consumer and stop bombarding us with unnecessary and unwanted packaging.”

Anna Clifford, Senior Environmental Consultant at Promar International.