Emma Gough

After completing a degree in Law and Business and a master’s in Business and Marketing at Aberystwyth University, I joined Promar International in 2009 as a research analyst. Since then, I have progressed into the role of Senior Consultant, with a core focus on the bespoke agri-food dashboards that we produce.

Our market dashboards provide clients with the detailed, up-to-date information and insight that is required to make high-level future forecasting business decisions. We currently produce dashboards across a number of agri-food sectors, including dairy, pork, beef, cereals and fresh produce.

I’m fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel across the world with this role, completing a number of exciting projects in South East Asia and the US.

In 2013, I was also pleased to be presented with the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants’ (BIAC) Young Consultant of the Year award.