Heather Webb


  • • Net zero and carbon assessments
  • • Climate adaptation strategies
  • • Sustainability assessments and metrics
  • • Natural capital investment

Following a journey that has taken me from Australia to Kenya then Brunei, I joined Promar International in 2018 as a consultant.

With considerable experience in sustainable land management in a broader content; my specialisms include net zero and carbon foot printing, sustainability assessments and benchmarking, climate impact and adaptation strategies and sustainable agriculture practices that enhance natural capital assets.

I am a lover of finding innovative solutions to challenging problems. I make use of my global experiences – such as working with subsistence farmers in Kenya to develop water sharing plans – to help clients drive their environmental performance.

At the end of a busy week, my perfect weekend combines travel with food and adventure.

“My hope for the future UK food and agricultural sector is for farm businesses and supply chains to accomplish the difficult balance of sustainable food production, alongside the preservation of natural capital.”

Heather Webb, Environmental Consultant at Promar International