Sue Bryan

Manager of Farm Consulting, Southern Region


  • • Ruminant nutrition
  • • Calf and Youngstock Management
  • • Leadership and People Management
  • • Sustainability (Carbon and Ammonia)
  • • Animal Health

In the past I specialised in ruminant nutrition with my focus being on the practical application of science on dairy farms. I have amassed a lot of knowledge and experience working in the feed sector and I was the Head of a Technical Department responsible for feed product development and staff training in ruminant nutrition for a major UK feed manufacturer so I understand diets and formulations and, most importantly, my advice is completely independent.

I’ve spent countless hours developing complicated rations for client’s animals and nothing is more frustrating than to find the advice isn’t working. More often than not, this is because the execution of the advice is poor as a result of low motivation, poor skills and ineffective management. I’m utterly convinced that getting the people bit right is the key to unlocking the potential of any business and a whole lot more important than getting the diet right.

Today an increasing portion of my consulting work is geared to helping farm businesses sort out their people problems. I’ve a Diploma in Leadership and Management and bring to bear my experience of managing a team of my own to help my clients. People are fascinating, personalities are challenging, passion is rewarding and the potential that can be unlocked is enormous.

I’m immensely practical, I still like to milk, this evolved from milking cows in Australia. I have a menagerie of animals at home and, if I achieve my life plan, will be doing my small bit to feed the world in the future.
I obtained a BSc in Agriculture with Animal Science at Harper Adams. I went on to study a PgC in Business Studies whilst working, and have then completed formal qualifications in BASIS (FACTS), Feed Advisor Register (1133) and Mastitis Control Plan.

More recently I’ve delivered consulting work on small, large and enormous dairy farms in Ukraine, Sudan & Russia. Working abroad allows me to compare and contrast with the farming and food industry we have here in the UK. We should never be complacent, the rest of the world is going to get better, but farming here is world class.

There never seems to be a let up in the demands placed on the farming industry and it can be massively frustrating because of this. However, it is also the ultimate problem solver and I’m motivated and privileged to play a part in doing this alongside the multi-talented group of consultants I lead.