I joined Promar in February 2023, as the Farm Consultancy Manager for the Midlands region.

I was born New Zealand and grew up on a family dairy farm, where I developed a particular interest in reproduction, animal health and welfare. For my bachelor’s degree I studied agriculture at Lincoln University in Cantebury, NZ, graduating in 2013.

My career started with a role supporting young people in the New Zealand farming industry, highlighting career pathways in agriculture. I then moved on to a consultant role with Dairy NZ, supporting the development of large herds of over 800. In this job, my key aims were to drive efficiency, capability, and productivity at both farm and business levels.

In 2018 I moved to the UK with my husband, to run an organic dairy unit in Shropshire. I also became the manager of a delivery team throughout Wales with AHDB, as part of a 5-year programme.

I have a particular passion in people management, and strongly believe that the success of the dairy industry relies on good people striving for better every day. My overriding aim is to enable farmers to adapt to the changing landscape of dairy.

Outside of work, I love sports, travelling, exploring, and being outside.