Victoria Craig-McFeely


  • • Animal breeding
  • • New Zealand grass based systems

I am passionate about helping farmers to become the very best at what they do. This drives me to strive to do whatever I can, to help them achieve their goals.  

I graduated from Newcastle University with a BSc in Agriculture with Honours in Livestock Production Science. Not being from a dairy farm has never held me back and gives me open mindedness. I have worked within the livestock and arable sectors, and spent a year working in New Zealand on a dairy Farm. 

I joined Promar after completing the Genus Graduate Scheme. I am now a Farm Business Consultant working in the South Farm Consultancy Team. I have delivered areas of various projects now, including one in Ukraine.  

Since becoming a Consultant, I have helped clients with grant applications, a feasibility project for the installation of robots, preparation for various audits and general practical on farm improvements leading to increased profitability. 

I live in Monmouthshire with my partner and our two Jack Russells, on his family’s dairy farm. In my spare time I enjoy shooting, cooking and being out in the countryside. 


  • Register of Mobility Scorers (RoMs) accredited 
  • Mastitis Control Plan Deliverer