Farm Consultancy

Farm Consultancy

We’re here to help you make confident on-farm decisions

With over 60 years’ experience in the agricultural industry, our farm business consultants are no strangers to delivering bespoke advice to farmers across the UK, Italy and beyond. Last year alone we advised over 3000 farmers to help them become more profitable, more sustainable and more resilient.

While recognised as specialists in dairy consultancy, we also get our teeth stuck into all types of farming enterprises to help identify clear objectives, overcome evolving challenges and increase productivity.  

Delivering financial and technical farm consulting across all aspects of business management, we will help you with the bits you can’t do, don’t want to do or don’t have time to do.

Our farm business consultancy team will provide clear practical advice to assist with the everyday running of your farm and be the reliable companion you need to ensure your business will continue to succeed into the future. Milkminder, Farm-wise and Agstute are integral parts of this service.  

Our experienced farm consultants utilise our financial farm management software to help you identify business risks and opportunities

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Milkminder is a dairy management tool which provides both financial and technical data, helping you to make informed decisions relating to your dairy business.

Milkminder is easy to use with facilities to input your own information online, or one of our team will input it for you to produce your monthly reports.

Milkminder features include:

  • Clear and concise monthly reports on your milk production, feed usage, stocking rates and profit margins
  • Monthly benchmarking to allow you to see where you stand, in comparison to other dairy farmers in your area
  • Annual summaries and accurate forecasts to help you budget and plan for the coming months
  • Information is easily accessible, reports are clear and simple to interpret

“Milkminder is a quick and easy benchmark of the dairy herd technical performance which allows us to monitor progress and highlight areas of opportunity”

Roger Hildreth Hessay York

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