Navjot Gill

Sustainability Consultant

As an Environmental Analyst, my role at Promar enables me to help our clients achieve more sustainable practices, while increasing their business efficiency. I am specifically involved in the research stage of a range of projects that are aimed at providing practicable, sustainable solutions for clients throughout the food and farming supply chain.

Having always been interested in the environment and passionate about sustainability, I studied Environmental Sciences at the University of Reading and graduated in the summer of 2021. With this knowledge it became quite apparent that my areas of interest were soil and water quality and management, climate change and its effects on global food systems and sustainable agriculture. I enjoy topping up my knowledge and staying connected to relevant issues surrounding the agriculture industry through podcasts, which allow me to listen to first-hand accounts from professionals and farmers regarding current issues and future solutions.  Since joining Promar in March 2022, I have also obtained a BASIS Soil and Water qualification.

Aside from work, I enjoy spending time my friends and family, tending to my millions of houseplants or spending time outdoors, gardening, going for long walks or even just reading a good book.