Our Specialists

I am old enough and wise enough to remember that businesses, have to make a profit as well as feed people, care for the birds and the bees and ensure the planet will sustain future generations. A tall order but one which is endlessly fascinating and never dull.

Following a career in national parks, regional government and environmental consultancy, I joined Promar International in 2011 to build the company’s Sustainability team. My expertise lies in energy efficiency and generation, carbon footprinting and greenhouse gas accounting, air quality, pollution control and diffuse pollution management. Working with clients across the supply chain I help identify […]

I am a specialist in ruminant nutrition with my focus being on the practical application of science in dairy. Previously I was the head of the technical department responsible for product development and staff training in ruminant nutrition for a major UK feed manufacturer. Prior to the above roles I obtained a degree in Agriculture […]

I am originally from South West Wales, beginning my consultancy journey in 1986 as a Farm Management Consultant for the Milk Marketing Board, I then continued my career as the Regional Agriculture Manager for a large British bank before re-joining Promar in 2016. My experience has given me a deep and diverse understanding of what […]

Brought up in rural North Wales, I joined Promar International in 2019 as a Senior Consultant, bringing with me over 10 years’ experience of working with a range of clients across the agri-food sector. My most recent responsibilities involved leading a high-profile seafood market development project which included the development and identification of a key […]

I am driven by results, helping to steer businesses towards their goals in an increasingly volatile marketplace. I thrive at finding solutions and supporting farming families so they reach their goals, whatever they may be. These goals could be expansion, diversification or simply making the existing business more profitable.  My main goal as North Farm Consultancy […]

My in-depth experience of Farm Consultancy, as well as a background in Agricultural Banking, makes me ideally placed to offer high quality advice to businesses in a range of business management matters. I thrive on the challenge of getting the most out of farm businesses for managers and owners.  In addition to my experience I […]

Since I joined Promar International in 2002, I have been part of many successful projects such as the Dairy Management Academy, cost of production models and producing FBA annual results. During my time here, I have managed several teams and have carried out numerous farm appraisals including SWOT analysis. I have worked on projects with […]

Following a journey that has taken me from Australia to Kenya then Brunei, I joined Promar International in 2018 as a consultant. With considerable experience in sustainable land management in a broader content; my specialisms include net zero and carbon foot printing, sustainability assessments and benchmarking, climate impact and adaptation strategies and sustainable agriculture practices […]

I joined Promar in November 2019 as an Agricultural Consultant, primarily covering South Wales and the borders. I graduated from the Royal Agricultural University in 2015 with a Bsc (hons) in Agriculture specialising in Livestock Production. Then going on to complete a Masters Degree at IBERS in Livestock Science. My following careers included working for […]

I have 17 years’ experience as a consultant and work with hundreds dairy and mixed farms throughout the North West and Wales.  This experience allows me to help farmers achieve their ambitions for their business. As well as my extensive experience I have continued to expand my skills by undertaking training in Planet Training Course; […]

I work closely with dairy and beef farms in Northern Ireland and Scotland monitoring both technical and financial performance, and helping to improve their business strategies. I perform weekly grass measuring on grass based dairy farms to help clients to maximise growth and utilisation of grass, producing a weekly grazing plan which aids clients to develop grazing infrastructure. Many years of […]