Climate Assessments

Currently work is being done to support Arla in the implementation of the new green ambition strategy  by completing climate assessments with a voluntary group of participating Arla owners across the UK. Arla has set out an ambitious strategy to reduce climate change impacts and the business recognises its responsibility to do its part to reduce its impact.

This work has involved Promar engaging with approximately 100 farms across the UK to pilot the a new Arla climate assessment tool. This will support the development of a more extensive Arla farm sustainability engagement programme in 2020. The climate assessment involves working with the Arla owners to capture farm information covering the herd, nutrient, feed, fuel and energy data amongst others to generate climate assessment report. This information is entered into Arla’s carbon assessment tool and used to generate an interactive report which we discuss in detail with the farm. This generates specific actions which the farm can use to drive improvement across the farm business.