Farm Consultancy

Cut through the fog and find a clear perspective

Farmers are unique in that they are not just close to their business, they are surrounded by it and live it all day, every day. Living this close, it’s hard to maintain a clear and objective perspective and see potential that could be realised.

It is this clear perspective that our Farm specialists have been providing to the farming industry and supply chain for over 50 years.

Farm Consultancy

“Sometimes it’s tough to hear, but it pays to listen”

Promar specialists work throughout the UK and overseas with progressive and profit focused farmers. The advice we provide is independent, unbiased and practical.

Nutrition, breeding, replacement rearing, health and biosecurity are potential areas we would seek to optimise in order to increase profitability. Closely allied to nutrition and improving efficiency is our ability to promote and develop sustainable forage production.

Whether you are looking for a budget for the bank to plan your expansion or to predict your cash flow, we have specialised software and comparative information (benchmarks) to help your business decision making. Find out more on our finance page.

Why our clients trust us

Our clients are continually looking on how they balance many competing demands for time, money and meet the needs of demanding stakeholders. It seems everyone always want more from the banks providing finance, your staff providing their labour, your suppliers delivering your inputs as well as trying to build a future for your family.

A typical engagement with a client will include some or all of the following;

Our process when engaging with our clients.

Implementation monitoring and support

We constantly seek to measure success on the farms we work with. Milkminder Dairy Costings and our Farm Business Accounts service are an integral part of the support we provide.

In addition we provide help with:

  • Support with compliance (e.g. NVZ, Herd Quality System)
  • Engagement with farm team
  • Analysis and interpretation of milk recording data
  • Budget monitoring and financial reporting
  • Feed planning, nutrition and feed analysis for all types of stock
  • Nutrient planning for all farm crops

On top of this customer demands are increasing, margins are often tight, and it can be difficult to choose the right solution. Our independence allows you to trust the advice we give is in your best interest.

Most of our clients work with a lead specialist who is there to get under the skin of your business and your goals. They are supported by the larger team of specialists with specific knowledge and expertise to create solutions for you.  

If you would like a visit to see how we can help, contact one of Our Specialists today.

Our Specialists


HerdWatch is an add on product that allows farmers to have a keen eye on milk production and fertility. Full sets of fertility analysis reports are included as well as milk production predictions for the whole herd.


Milkminder is a dairy management tool which provides both financial and technical data, helping you to make informed decisions relating to your dairy business.

Milkminder is easy to use with facilities to input your own information online or one of our team will input it for you to produce your monthly reports.

Milkminder features include:

  • Clear and concise monthly reports on your milk production, feed usage, stocking rates and profit margins
  • Monthly benchmarking to allow you to see where you stand in comparison to other dairy farmers in your area
  • Annual summaries and accurate forecasts to help you budget and plan for the coming months
  • Information is easily accessible, reports are clear and simple to interpret.

“Milkminder is a quick and easy benchmark of the dairy herd technical performance which allows us to monitor progress and highlight areas of opportunity”

Roger Hildreth Hessay York

Global Projects

Currently work is being done to facilitate the growth of the global dairy industry by improving operational efficiency and productivity of dairy producers.