Don’t sink your reputation under a deluge of manure

By Garry Kidner

A major challenge you may be facing as a livestock farmer as a result of the prolonged extremely wet weather is the spreading of slurry and dirty water.  If you have managed to empty slurry and dirty water lagoons before the wet weather set in you probably have enough storage.

However, some stores are now very full, and you may also be in an NVZ areas with restrictions on spreading. So what are your options?

These are limited but our message is talk to the Environmental Agency sooner rather than later. Rather than cause a pollution incident work with them to try and find a workable solution.

They will work through a decision process with you to find the best solution. This may involve moving slurry to a local Anaerobic Digester if it has capacity or looking at a spreading plan following a risk assessment. But the message is talk to them early and seek their help with a solution.