International market research and supply chain analysis

Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa

The brief:

The objective of our work was to assist our client to understand more about the cheese market and decide whether they should proactively target this within their strategy. We also provided evidence to our client to help them decide which segments of the EMEA region they should focus on, and understand which existing solutions would add value to these segments, and what new solutions could/should the company develop in the future.

What we did:

We carried out a study for the client which involved both desk research, as well as B2B interviews in Russia, Poland, the Middle East and North Africa.

Our initial desk research work had seen us narrow down from a long list of some 50 potential markets to 10 key markets in which we carried out our final interviews.

This process was carried out using a well developed methodology based on an evaluation of a range of criteria that involved a number of factors which were weighted against each other:

  • Market
  • Demographic
  • Trade
  • Cultural
  • Economic


Our research work was aimed to develop a strong understanding of the following:

  • key market drivers and end users
  • market threats and opportunities
  • local production volumes and imports
  • the role of other key suppliers to the market(s)
  • an assessment of future market development and key routes to market
  • an evaluation of the strength of current suppliers – and their weaknesses
  • an assessment of the overall market opportunity for our client
  • key buying criteria, product and technical specifications
  • consumption levels ingredient applications and key players in the supply chain

We developed a market SWOT and prepared an Action Plan for our client to enter selected markets as a result of our work.