Nutrient Management Investment Scheme – Wales

Nutrient management wales

Could your farm use some support to enhance on-farm nutrient management, whilst improving resource efficiencies? With a declared £15 million in the pot, the Welsh government have opened expression of interest (EOI) applications this month (from 4th July) for their Nutrient Management Investment Scheme.

If you are unsure if you are eligible or if the scheme is suitable for your farm, Andrew Hawkins (Principal Farm Consultant) can talk you through the scheme and options available to you, as well as completing the EOI and full application on your behalf.

What is the Nutrient Management Investment Scheme?

This capital grant scheme aims to to improve the economic and environmental performance of farm businesses. For the full guidance see: Nutrient Management Investment Scheme: guidance | GOV.WALES.

  • Maximum grant award of £50,000
  • Minimum grant award of £12,000
  • Maximum 40% contribution towards capital investments

EOI stage:

  • Calculate slurry storage requirements before submitting EOI
  • Accurate cost estimate required (note that grant value cannot be increased from EOI stage)

Potential applicants submitting an EOI are encouraged to consider and prepare documentation for their full application, in anticipation of being selected. The window closes on 12th August 2022, after which selection letters will be issued at the end of August. On receipt of a selection letter you then have 12 weeks to submit a full application.

Although the process may sound lengthy and complicated, Andrew has completed many similar applications successfully and has an in-depth knowledge of the process, as well as all the information required for each section. 

What does the full application require?

Key Messages

Farmers with a live Sustainable Production Grant (SPG) contract for the same area/items are not eligible to apply for this window.

NO Nutrient Management Plan is required.

Successful applicants must be able to complete and claim on all Capital Works items by 31st March 2025.

Andrew Hawkins covers Wales and can be contacted on 07971119045 or via email