Vicki Halliwell

Senior Environmental Consultant


  • • Ecosystem Services and Natural Capital
  • • Farmer and Stakeholder Engagement
  • • Behaviour and Attitudes Studies
  • • Project Management

I am an agriculture and environment management specialist who joined Promar International in 2010 after working for two agricultural government bodies.

During this time I have gained considerable management, research and delivery experience working with the public, private and third sector clients and I now focus on developing and managing projects which improve environmental sustainability outcomes across the food supply chain.

I have a strong interest in delivering ecosystem services and natural capital projects which offer long-term solutions to businesses, particularly changes in land management which support better agricultural and environmental outcomes.

As well as managing the delivery of technical advice and monitoring project outcomes, I can be found engaging clients and stakeholders, facilitating meetings, project auditing and reporting to clients.

In my spare time, I like to do yoga, walk my dog – preferably over rolling hills and woodland – and do a spot of indoor climbing.

Agricultural really can be environmentally sustainable, but there needs to be significant changes in management practices across the world and consumers need to support environmentally sustainable agriculture. Every little helps when it comes to making agriculture environmentally sustainable. On-farm, it’s things like following regulatory requirements, adopting best practice, and engaging with available environmental schemes.

Vicki Hallowell, Senior Environmental Consultant at Promar International