Wiebke Praeger

Environmental Consultant

It was during my gap year as an Au-pair in Ireland when I developed a passion for dairy farming. This sparked my interest to study agriculture at the University of Rostock.

In 2016, I completed my BSc in Agricultural Science and in 2020, I completed my MSc in Animal Science. During my time at university, I got the chance to gain even more practical experience on dairy farms in both Germany and Ireland. I am fascinated by the combination of practical farming and the science behind it. This is what led me to Promar, with the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds.

Before joining Promar, I worked as an assistant manager on a farm near Rostock. I was able to gain some hands-on experience managing a farm with 600 dairy cows, rearing heifers and managing a biogas plant. It involved various challenges and projects such as leading staff, building a farm shop and facing the pandemic.

In my spare time, I like going to concerts and singing in the choir. I try to make the most of the nearby beach, enjoy going camping and like to discover the region by bike.