Reports & reporting


  • My accountant has not received their year end pack
    1. Have you completed the Accountant’s mandate that allows us to share your information with a third party? If no, please speak to your Analyst or our Helpdesk.
    2. Have you changed accountants? If so, you will need to complete an Accountant’s Mandate form to allow us to share your data with a third party
    3. Has the accountant changed their contact email address? If so, please contact our Helpdesk and let them know (you may need to complete another Accountant’s mandate)
  • There are errors in my year end report

    Please raise these with your Analyst. However, we do ask that you check these reports before they are finalised, please ensure you take enough time to review them prior to finalisation

  • I haven’t received my year end in the post

    Please contact your Analyst directly and check that they don’t have any further queries. Alternatively, please contact our helpdesk.