• I need to setup sending my VAT Returns through FBA
    1. Have you signed up to Making Tax Digital with HMRC?
    2. You then need to link FBA to HMRC, by going to Setup -> VAT -> MTD Settings
    3. Follow the questions and you will link to the HMRC website, put in your credentials and get to the Grant Authority page.
    4. Once you close this page, you will see a due date appear on the home screen under Current VAT information – you are now ready to submit VAT returns through VAT
  • My VAT return date does not match what HMRC is expecting
    1. If HMRC are expecting the incorrect period, get in touch with them to get this corrected their end.
    2. If HMRC are expecting the correct VAT period, then you will need to open or close a VAT period on FBA – contact our Helpdesk or your Analyst for more support
  • I am getting an error when trying to submit VAT via the software
    1. Close out of FBA completely, open and try again.
    2. Try re-linking the software to HMRC via MTD Settings and try again
    3. HMRC might be down, try again tomorrow.
  • I haven’t received my VAT return into the bank.
    1. Check for a Receipt ID in the VAT section under Office Accounts, if this is present, phone HMRC.
    2. If the VAT period has been closed on FBA, and there is no Receipt ID, then contact our Helpdesk.
  • I can’t submit my VAT through FBA

    Try re-linking the software to HMRC via the MTD Settings found under Setup-VAT, if this doesn’t work try again tomorrow and see if it has something to do with HMRC being down. Alternatively contact our Helpdesk

  • How do I register for making tax digital

    Please follow this link ensure you are properly registered with the HMRC

  • How do I get the FBA software?

    You must purchase a licence key for the software.