Facilitation support to improve the sustainability of the red meat supply chain

Promar has been responsible for the management and delivery of the Co-op Sustainable Beef and Lamb programme in partnership with Dunbia, the single supplier of Beef and Lamb into the Co-op since July 2017. This activity involved the delivery of c. 23 meetings per annum, engagement with 120 producers and providing technical advice and training on a range of issues including environment, health & safety, farm technical performance, compliance, sustainability, retailer/consumer needs amongst others.

The 23 meetings delivered include the provision of training and advice through on farm meetings, farm walks, group workshops and classroom exercises to improve knowledge, skills and technical capability of producers within the Beef and Lamb categories. Promar have also completed Cost of Production benchmarking for 20 farmers on a voluntary basis to engage in technical and financial benchmarking, with the aim of using the data to drive improvement across the groups.