Farming Resilience Fund

Cows in a field, Worcestershire, UK

Since its introduction in 2022, the Farming Resilience Fund has become a vital resource for British farmers. Thousands of farms are now using the Fund to obtain free support, advice, and guidance during this period of change.

Act now – Farming Resilience Fund ends in March 2025

But the Farming Resilience Fund won’t be here forever. You will need to access it before it ends on 31st March 2025. So don’t delay – apply today.

Free farm visits, reviews, and audits

Financed by the Farming Resilience Fund, our farm consultants will meet with you, and will conduct detailed analyses to help you identify the best ways to ensure your farm thrives in a world without BPS.

We will support you all along the journey, with up to four farm visits, follow-ups, and re-appraisals, to ensure that your business stays on track for the outcomes you seek. Our insights will identify areas of underperformance and will enable practical improvements that increase your business efficiency.

Farm efficiency reviews

Farm efficiency reviews measure your farm’s economic effectiveness. These are gauged by analysing the inputs that your business uses, and the outputs that it produces.

Moving beyond a simplistic profit-loss analysis, our reviews use a carbon footprint measurement, to provide a truly deep understanding of performance, and reveal how and where you can improve it.

For more information on why our method is so effective, click this link.  Our comprehensive reviews produce deep insights on how you can improve your farm for the long term, from quick wins to long-term changes.

Animal health audits

We offer free health and performance audits of your farm’s animals, all performed by our veterinary partners XL Vets. All services are designed to help you optimize the health and productivity of your livestock and ensure the long-term success of your farm.

Services we offer

  • Lameness control – We will provide dairy mobility scores for your herds
  • Youngstock neonatal management – Including lean training
  • Mastitis control assessments – Followed up with mastitis control plans
  • Nutrient Management Plans – To help you to provide the best nutrition for the lowest cost long term
  • Infectious disease protection – Including strategies for controlling Johnes, IBR, Lepto, BTV3, and more
  • Parasites – Assessing your farm’s parasites, and offering bespoke best practice advice
  • Infertility evaluations – We investigate the male and female causes and offer help on how to mitigate them
  • Flock health – Benchmarking your flock’s overall health, and looking at ways to achieve improvements
  • Beef health – Including pneumonia checks and providing strategies for preventing outbreaks
  • Herd performance – designed to help you optimize the health and productivity of your livestock, to ensure the long-term success of your farm

These services are available throughout England.

Would you like more information?

If you would like to find out more about our Farming Resilience Fund services, please give us a call on 01270 616800, or fill in this form and we’ll be in touch quickly.