Market research and supply chain analysis for the fresh produce sector

Western & Eastern Europe

The brief:

Our client is a Central America based trade & promotional agency and wanted to understand more about the opportunities for their industry in Europe.

They also wanted to have a more robust assessment of the fresh produce market opportunity available to a range of key industry stakeholders and the justification for a promotional campaign at some stage in the future.

Our work covered the EU 28, other East European markets and Russia.

What we did:

We carried out a series of stages of research as follows:

  • A review of global production and key trends over the last 10 years
  • A review of global import markets over the last 10 years and the role of the EU within this
  • A breakdown of EU imports over 10 years by key country
  • The performance of key suppliers to the EU market from the Southern hemisphere, Central America, from within the EU itself and Africa/Middle East

For the countries of most importance and future potential – the following:

  • The structure of the market
  • The role of key players in the supply chain
  • The breakdown of the market by key varieties
  • An assessment of the seasonality of supply by other countries
  • The regulation of the market
  • The Service Package required to supply these markets
  • The reputation of current suppliers to the EU market
  • An assessment of the promotional culture of the market and ongoing activity in this space
  • The development of a market SWOT analysis


We developed an overall EU market SWOT and prepared an Action Plan for our client to enter selected markets and carry out promotional activity with key supply chain players as a result of our work.