Neil Adams

Managing Director


  • • Dairy supply chains
  • • Succession Planning
  • • Collaboration within Farmer Controlled Businesses, Joint Ventures and Dairy Producer Organisations
  • • Corporate governance, risk management and business structure
  • • Farm Management and Leadership

I’m tremendously (not obsessively I hope) interested in engaging with managers of farming and food businesses. This includes farmers, old and young and anyone with a genuine passion for increasing the sustainability of the agriculture and related food industry. I’m also old enough and wise enough to remember that businesses have to make a profit, as well as feed people, care for the birds and the bees, and ensure the planet will sustain future generations. A tall order but one which is endlessly fascinating and never dull.

I started with Promar in 1988, working in the South West. My main interests in the early part of my career were with efficient forage production and utilisation. I became Promar’s National Forage Manager and started to develop my interest in people development and business management.

I completed an MBA in 2003. I continued an interest in Leadership Development and was inspired by Professors Richard Boyatsis and Daniel Goleman to assess the impact of Emotional Intelligence on Farm Business Performance. My work was published by AHDB and still underpins work I deliver around leadership and management.

I’m incredibly fortunate and privileged to lead the Promar team. As a business we have a tremendous legacy of providing independent advice to farm and food businesses. Whilst I appreciate our industry is facing unprecedented challenges it gives me enormous satisfaction to observe the ability of my team to get stuck in and deliver practical advice.