An Update on Covid-19

To our valued customers,

We want you to know that at Promar International we are committed to you, our customers and the wider food industry. We value our relationship with you and thank you for your commitment to our products and services.  During this unprecedented, and ever-evolving time, we want you to know that we are committed to serving you in whatever capacity possible while maintaining the health and safety for your operation, your employees and our team.  We have and will continue to follow all health regulations at the local and national levels, and plan to keep providing you with service as regulations allow. 

It is important to remember that the situation varies widely across the country from London where the disease is escalating rapidly to other parts of the country where the incidence so far is very low and the virus has not yet had a large impact. 

In every situation and in our dealings with you we will:

  1. Follow local and national health regulations
  2. Contact you by phone / text / email  and only visit you with your permission
  3. Ensure the safety of our employees and yours as much as possible, with proper hygiene and distances
  4. Ensure business critical functions, such as our services, which allow you to reclaim VAT and meet other legislative or purchaser requirements, are maintained in every way possible to limit disruption

If you have not already done so, please feel free to communicate with your local Promar representative and/or team to ensure we are carrying out business with you according to your business expectations, as health and safety regulations allow. 

The situation is evolving rapidly around the world, and we are working closely with our global team members in the Genus business to ensure our and your safety.