Drive your farm business forward with Agstute

We are excited to launch the all new financial farm management tool, Agstute. Our improved platform for progressive farmers.

Working in partnership with Figured and Xero, our new cloud-based system combines accounting, reporting, planning, benchmarking and forecasting to create the data dashboard of choice for farm businesses.

With Agstute, an entire farming team can access the farm’s financial information at any time and in any place. This will enable informed decision-making, genuinely sustainable planning and a high level of trust between stakeholders. The ability to view accurate data in an instant means that everyone can work together to build a clear and progressive vision for the future.

A better way to manage growth

Leveraging cloud technology, Agstute offers a user-friendly and intuitive experience that is guaranteed to support farm businesses as they face the challenges of increased price volatility and a new funding regime. The tool is compatible with any device and all data can be securely shared, with multilevel protection and encryption. 

Every customer will have access to comprehensive learning resources to help them get started, as well as clear guidance on training. They too will be able to make use of a personal analyst, to help them make the most of the system as well as improving the accuracy and usefulness of their farm business data.

Our specialists can dig deep into the numbers to deliver clear advice that’ll help to accelerate the decision-making process and grow a successful business. Our large network of farm businesses and comparative information means they can benchmark a farm’s performance in order to challenge assumptions used when creating a budget in Agstute.

Summary of key features

  • Progressive Production Tracking. The capability to easily track livestock movements, crop and milk production as well as operating expenses.
  • Accurate Budgeting & Planning. Advanced accounting efficiency makes it easy to compare actual performance with planned performance.
  • Accelerating Cashflow & Profit. Innovative technology lets users work out a real-time profit and loss position based on the timing of payments, in order to see their monthly profit position.
  • Detailed Inventory Management. The capability to track what’s in store, its value, its use and the profitability of what it’s been used on.
  • Comprehensive Data Integration. The ability to automatically transfer data and easily link it to other sources, for example a bank account.

Get in touch with our team today to discover how our new tool will benefit your farm business. Or visit our Financial Farm Management page.