Our Specialists

I joined Promar International in 2021, as an environmental consultant based in Germany. I graduated in agriculture from the University of Hohenheim, where I ran trials on rice varieties under salt stress. From there, I studied for a master’s in Food Security and Development at the University of Reading, writing my dissertation on rainwater harvesting […]

I joined Promar International in 2021 as part of the team based in Germany. Having spent some time in Ireland and many years in the south of Germany, I am now settled between the North and the Baltic sea. My expertise traditionally lies in livestock farming, with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and experience working […]

Environmental Consultant

It was during my gap year as an Au-pair in Ireland when I developed a passion for dairy farming. This sparked my interest to study agriculture at the University of Rostock. In 2016, I completed my BSc in Agricultural Science and in 2020, I completed my MSc in Animal Science. During my time at university, […]