People First: What can you do to support your employees through this difficult time?

By Nigel Davies

There are always a thousand and one things to manage with a team of workers and farm staff, but now there is another one – Covid 19. 

For Farm Managers and Owners, this presents a practical opportunity to practice stronger and more effective communication with their teams. Here are five aspects just to start with:

  • Remember each team member is an individual and will have an individual response mechanism to both the practical and psychological impact Covid 19 on their lives and that of their family. Spend time with them to understand that individual response.
  • Ensure they feel safe at work, and if not, explore what can be done to achieve that safety.
  • Explain to them, that if they are fit, well and safe, their continued contribution to your business is key to its future success.
  • If they are travelling to work, provide them with a written letter of authority from yourself, explain their role as a key worker. You can find a downloadable version here.
  • Provide frequent tangible reminders e.g. your own behaviour or signage around your buildings, to remind all parties to exercise good disease management practice at all times.

Remember everyone is different and everyone will react differently to the current situation it is important that you do all you can to provide some level of safe haven for your team.