Our Specialists

I joined Promar International in 2013 after seven years within the environmental consultancy sector. My focus is to develop sustainable food supply chains and understand the impact food production has on the environment from farm to fork. Working with clients ranging from the utilities sector to food supply businesses, I aim to help companies understand […]

I joined Promar International in 2017 after several years in a variety of roles within the environmental sector. I have always had a passion for water quality and catchment management which led me to complete my MSc in Sustainable Water Management in 2014. Whilst at Promar, I have worked on multiple projects that have focused […]

Duncan Williams

Duncan Williams

Principal Sustainability Consultant

I joined Promar in 2022 after over a decade working in agriculture. During this time, I have worked with farmers, processors. and retailers to reduce the environmental impacts of their supply chains. My focus includes climate change mitigation and adaptation, animal health and nutrition improvements, and farm management optimisation. I believe that the environmental challenges […]

I joined Promar in June 2022. Prior to this I was a Sustainability Coordinator, providing carbon footprints and roadmaps to Net Zero for a wide range of businesses. I also have experience with biodiversity net gain and the option of biodiversity offsetting for landowners. During my time at University, I developed a passion for sustainable […]

Felix Baumann

I joined Promar International in 2021, as an Environmental Consultant based in Germany. I graduated in agriculture from the University of Hohenheim, where I ran trials on rice varieties under salt stress. From there, I studied for a master’s in Food Security and Development at the University of Reading, writing my dissertation on rainwater harvesting […]

George Peart

Sustainability Team Lead United Kingdom

I work across the supply chain to improve farm profitability and supply chain efficiency. Originally from Bolton in Lancashire, I spent 7 years working in Scotland. Whilst studying at SRUC, I began my career at a cattle IVF laboratory and then as a Genus Reproduction Specialist. Before my current role at Promar, I worked across […]

Hattie McFadzean

Senior Sustainability Consultant

As an Environmental Consultant, I am passionate about working closely with stakeholders in the agriculture sector to improve the transparency of information regarding sector emissions, opportunities for green growth, and staying ahead of the international movement towards environmental accountability. I believe there are a growing number of opportunities that not only prioritise the needs of […]

I joined Promar International in 2021, as an environmental consultant based in Germany. I graduated with a BA honours in Agricultural Economics (BA) and a Masters in Agricultural Management. From there, I worked as a scientist where I had the opportunity to research the cost effects of greenhouse gas mitigation measures on dairy farms. In […]

My role as Environmental Analyst at Promar involves supporting the implementation of sustainable strategies within the food and farming industry. Providing comprehensive, tailored advice throughout every stage of the food supply chain and promoting efficiency whilst reducing cost.   Fascinated by the interconnected web of human-environment interactions, I decided to study a Geography BSc degree at […]

I joined Promar International in 2020 following several years working in environmental roles within the public and third sectors. I completed my MSc in Agroecology at Harper Adams University in 2018, supported by the Organic Farmers and Growers Scholarship. I focused on my passion for sustainable agriculture and soil health and collaborated with Fera for […]

I joined Promar International in 2021 as part of the team based in Germany. Having spent some time in Ireland and many years in the south of Germany, I am now settled between the North and the Baltic sea. My expertise traditionally lies in livestock farming, with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and experience working […]

As an Environmental Analyst, my role at Promar enables me to help our clients achieve more sustainable practices, while increasing their business efficiency. I am specifically involved in the research stage of a range of projects that are aimed at providing practicable, sustainable solutions for clients throughout the food and farming supply chain. Having always […]